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Name : Hand wave sensor for 12V / 24V LED light
Model : AS-HS
Input : Input 12V/24V DC
Power :
Lumen :

Hand wave sensor for 12V/24V LED light

 Voltage: Input 12V/24V DC, Output 12V/24V DC
Max Current Load: 3A
Dimming Range: 10 ~ 100%
Environment Temperature: -20 ~ 45℃
Best detection distance: 2-5cm above the sensor by waving hand in horizontal direction
Features & Benefits
 Features and Benefits
  • EASY TO GET MULTI FUNCTIONS: ON/OFF/Dim brightness by just waving or holding still your hand
  • IDEAL PROFILE: Modern concise style, only 0.24”(6mm) thickness, exquisite surface treatment and sensor functions, all reflect a higher quality of life
  • WIDE DIMMING RANGE: Hand wave activated switch, dimming range 10-100%, to meet brightness demands in different applications
  • MORE CONVENIENT LIFE: Can be widely used in our life, such as in closet, under cabinets, bookcase, under counter, utility rooms, kitchen, basement and more
  • RELIABLE SUPPORT: Payment refund within 30 days and timely customer service for your more satisfied shopping experience

Add the 3M tape on the back of hand wave sensor, if needed to fix it on object surface.
Connect driver and all LEDs which you want to control together as a group to the hand wave sensor. Make sure the input voltage and output voltage are the same. Turn on the power. 
Wave your hand right above the sensor in horizontal direction to switch the ON/OFF status.
Keep your hand still right above the sensor to adjust the brightness of the LEDs. LEDs will be in brightness increased or reduced cycle changes when repeat this operation.
LEDs will keep the brightness unchanged at the moment of hand away.